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Teeth Whitening

Madison Dental, PC

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Having whiter, brighter teeth is important to the way you feel about yourself. At Madison Dental, PC, we offer both in-office and at-home whitening treatments so patients in Manhattan and throughout New York City can enjoy healthier-looking, more attractive smiles.

Teeth Whitening

Why do teeth become dull and yellowed?

Teeth can become discolored for different reasons. The most common cause can be attributed to the foods we eat. Many foods, including coffee, tea, red wine and many types of spices can cause tooth staining and yellowing. Poor dental hygiene and skipping routine dental cleanings can also cause teeth to become dull and discolored. All of these causes can be addressed with in-office and take-home teeth whitening procedures using special whitening agents.

What kinds of teeth whitening options does Madison Dental offer?

At Madison Dental, we offer both in-office whitening treatments and take-home treatments so patients can enjoy the option that's best for their needs and their lifestyle. Many patients have an in-office whitening treatment then use the take-home kits to perform touch-up treatments to prolong their results.

What is Zoom®?

Zoom® is a teeth whitening procedure that uses a special whitening agent combined with an activating light to help teeth get their whitest in a single office visit. During the procedure, a retracting mouthpiece is used to gently hold the lips away from the mouth to enable the whitening agent and the light to reach all visible tooth surfaces for the most consistent results. Most treatments include three 15-minute "cycles" to achieve optimal results, but a fourth cycle may be needed for deeply stained teeth.

Is a professional take-home whitening kit better than a whitening kit I can buy in the drugstore?

Yes, professional whitening kits use agents designed for distribution by dentists, and they also use custom-made trays to hold the solution so you can achieve a more consistent result across all the visible surfaces of your teeth. Drugstore kits are designed as a one-size-fits-all solution, so the results they provide will not be as consistent or as satisfactory as the results from a professional take-home whitening kit.

In-Network Insurances

We accept major forms of insurance. For more information, please call our office. 

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